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We won’t stand by and watch money corrupt our democracy

On October 29th, thousands of people across the country are sharing this image – both online and on the streets – in order to spread a simple message: keep big money out of our elections.  If you agree, you are part of the silent majority.  Over 80% of Americans want limits to the amount of money that corporations can give to political campaigns, and more than two-thirds want to do away with super PACs altogether.  It’s time we make ourselves heard. This month, over 400 artists from across the country competed in a national competition on the issue of money in politics.  An esteemed panel of judges, including Shepard Fairey, Jesse Dylan, Lawrence Lessig and Annie Leonard, selected this winning image – created by Landon Wix of Tennessee.

SHARE the image, SPREAD the message

Chalk + Coffee Table = #KeepMoneyOut

Oregon native Hanna Choi spices up her coffee table with a simple reminder: #keepmoneyout

#KeepMoneyOut Featured on MSNBC

#KeepMoneyOut and Artist Shepard Fairey featured on MSNBC, NOW with Alex Wagner.

#KeepMoneyOut Street Drop

Artists in Cleveland take to the streets to spread the #KeepMoneyOut message with mud art and postering.